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Aug 28 12

Another Mystery of Faith

by humanista

One of the Catholic (and also Mafia) traditions is to serve as a godparent. Usually to the child of a family member or close friend, and always with the hope that a little extra guidance will help the youngster to stay on a righteous  path.

As one who accepted this responsibility prior to joining the “faithful” departed, I thought I would see what others have to say on the subject. Here’s a blog post and response that clears this up.

Question -

“How would you handle finding out that your very good friends and the godparents of your children have abandoned the Catholic faith and are now atheist?

I am not posting this to start drama or a fight.  I need genuine responses.  I would also like to know what the “rules” are surrounding changing godparents.”

Answer -

“Unfortunately you can’t “undo” Godparents.  However, if there is someone who you would like to take on the role of Godparent, by all means do so!  It just can’t be done on paperwork. 

God bless.”

This seems to be another one of those confusing non sequiturs. “God requires paperwork in order to be a godparent. The paperwork exists and cannot be changed. Therefore, God exists.”

Apr 6 12

Nothing From Nothing Leaves Something

by humanista


. . . or one thing leads to the next, I should say. While reading Sam Harris’ blog, I came upon his interview with Lawrence Krause on his book A Universe From Nothing. Although it often made my head hurt, (dark energy, quantum mechanics, etc.) it was a fascinating read. I also stumbled upon a video where Krause summarized the content.

Mar 27 12

50 Ways To Help Us All

by humanista

50 ways

Mar 16 12

Declaration of Independence

by humanista

After years of being sidelined by apathy, or perhaps simply frustration, I concluded that the only reasonable way forward is the pursuit of a fulfilling and responsible existence without any supernatural third-party acknowledgement or assistance. It appears, there is greater freedom to be gained by focusing on what I don’t know, than by focusing on what I don’t believe.


I intend to comment on those things that enhance our ever-changing human experience, as well as those may threaten our freedom or dignity. We’ll see what happens!